Technology Solutions

DrNewMed’s proprietary AI engine, ‘Neural Hippo’, will pave the way for healthcare practitioners to secure financial, operational, and clinical gains using advanced technology.

With the perfect combination of strategic integration within the system and a human-centered approach, physician workflows are easy and optimized. Our AI actively reduces administrative work, clinical errors, improves the patient experience, and lowers physician burnout.


Our healthcare system needs to operate the way other technologies do. But for AI to become a standard practice in healthcare, it should take on a human-centric approach. Our proprietary AI engine, ‘Neural Hippo,’ offers unprecedented insights into care processes, diagnostics, treatment variability, patient engagement, communications, and more, along with claims accuracy, revenue cycle, denial reduction, clinical insights, and level of care prediction.

Neural Hippo can proactively identify and detect irregularities and correct errors. It can transform revenue integrity with its advanced software. With its unique ability to recognize patient patterns, Neural Hippo can provide a holistic view of patients by integrating their social determinants of health. This allows physicians to think of medicine beyond the realm of clinical care, reducing their stress of responsibility for patient outcomes.

With DrNewMed’s technology solutions, your practice can

  • Elevate the medical standard for higher quality care through technology and real-time data
  • Adopt new care delivery models and optimize health care delivery
  • Maximize patient management with continuum of care
  • Receive administrative, technical, marketing assistance
  • Integrated lab services, digital health for proactive outreach
  • Prevent and manage chronic conditions with real-time proactive care using RPM devices
  • Deliver a seamless patient experience
  • Access healthcare networks and utilize integrated interoperability

Neural Hippo collects data from several healthcare networks to improve critical outcomes, better decision making, enhance clinical accuracy and reduce costs. It enables the prevention and management of chronic disease through informed decisions and timely and adequate coverage and care.

The data captured from Remote Patient Monitoring devices allows for real-time proactive care. Patient-generated health data from cellular-enabled devices combined with clinical data from our EHR will drive patient-specific clinical insights.

Not only this, DrNewMed’s Patient Engagement Platform with its patient portal and App acts as an incredible tool for patients to be actively involved and invested in their own health and ensures positive clinical care outcomes. Automated and personalized care outreach helps fill the gaps in care and improves the patient experience.