Un-Chronic Yourself
Chronic Care Management


Achieve enhanced health outcomes for chronic patients while generating additional revenue

An addition to the MSO platform, DrNewMed’s ‘Un-Chronic Yourself’, Chronic Care Management Program helps providers drive quality care, prevent gaps in treatment and improve patients’ lives. Measurable and achievable goals are identified for each patient. This fosters better clinical decision making and enhances the patient experience as each goal is met. Our tools like the Remote Patient Monitoring devices and the DrNewMed app make it easier to provide incredible virtual care. Working with us can help you optimize your chance of reimbursement while also improving the quality of care offered to eligible patients.

At DrNewMed, our primary goal is to improve the quality of care delivered to patients with chronic conditions. Our Chronic care treatment program is powered by technology to offer patient-centric care proactively. We monitor our patients regularly using RPM devices to collect real-time health data.

DrNewMed’s wellness coaching and technology tools leverage motivational techniques to amplify personalized and accountable relationships with each patient and their caregiver, collect and track patient data and drive ongoing engagement.

For Patients

  • On-going support and guidance from a healthcare expert/ nutritionist
  • Digital and telephonic communication
  • Individualized care plans and health content
  • Easy integration of connected devices
  • DrNewMed Patient portal for personal health tracking, goal setting and secure communication with their care manager

At DrNewMed, we believe that an integrated approach to chronic care will contribute to better health – especially among the elder population.

With DrNewMed’s technology solutions, your practice can

  • Quick & easy patient setup
  • Monthly escalation reports
  • Individualized patient care
  • Improved quality scores
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Fully compliant CCM services