Revenue Cycle Solutions

DrNewMed offers complete revenue cycle strategies that start well before a patient ever steps foot inside your office.

With DrNewMed, get oversight, expert resources, and solutions that keep your revenue cycle thriving at every step. Our dedicated team provides trusted revenue cycle services to thousands of physicians every day.


Missed revenue opportunities are exceedingly common in the healthcare industry. Physicians in the United States leave nearly $125 billion on the table each year due to poor billing practices.

An efficient revenue cycle demands both advanced flexible technology and expert support. This very combination is what a practice like yours needs today.

Let DrNewMed support your practice:

  • Prevent denials
  • Increase net collections
  • Improve the patient experience

With core RCM functions like billing and collecting, claims processing, claim denials resolution, payment management, credentialing, and practice management strategies taken care of, you can stay rest assured of proactive and efficient management of your revenue cycle.