Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring or RPM is a device-specific technology that extends patient care by electronically transmitting important patient health information between patients and physicians. RMP devices allow for constants and collaborative patient-provider care.

With continuous real-time data and insights into patient health, physicians can virtually monitor and track real-time changes, from heart rate to blood pressure. DrNewMed's Remote Patient Monitoring Devices brings about more patient-centric care and acts as another revenue source for practitioners with its virtual care platform.

Our goal? Better healthcare with advanced technology, efficiency in the delivery of care, more accessible healthcare, and better patient experience.


With our RPM devices, healthcare practitioners will get a holistic view of their patient's health and disease-specific views─ diabetes, heart failure, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease/hypertension, and obesity. The RPM model benefits chronic disease management, post-operative patients, senior patients, and patients with limited access to healthcare facilities.

DrNewMed's RPM platform equips patients with connected devices that transmit health data to the care team, with notifications and dashboards to take readings and see their progress. Our pre-configured platform with connected devices makes it an easy one-time setup with automated reminders.

Our experts can help enroll and engage patients based on the RPM model and patient-centric approach. We offer training to ease your transition to RPM-based care. The RPM platform undoubtedly improves patient outcomes and cuts costs. With e-health, reimbursements become easier for physicians.