Patient Engagement Solutions

DrNewMed’s network-enabled patient engagement and communication solution provides an on-demand, automated means of communication between patients and provider practices for interactions outside the exam room.

With our Remote Patient Monitoring and patient portal, patients can conveniently access and manage their clinical information. Their active involvement reduces gap in care and helps improve financial and operational performance for our physicians.


DrNewMed's cloud-based software platform for clinicians enables remote monitoring of chronic conditions across patient populations, with specific use cases for diabetes, heart failure, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease/hypertension, obesity, and more.

Our patient portal enables patients to have 24*7 access to routine tasks such as checking personal health records, express communication preferences, view lab results, schedule appointments, review appointment information, exchange secure messages with our wellness coaches, update personal information and more.

Patient Engagement Solutions enable practitioners to get a holistic view of their patient's health, streamline operations, and seamlessly switch between disease-specific views, including diabetes, heart failure, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease/hypertension, and obesity.

Let DrNewMed support your practice

  • Empower patients to stay connected
  • Provide value-based care
  • Boost the speed and volume of your revenue
  • Streamline workflows
  • Patient portal to reduce phone tag
  • Patient-provider secure messaging
  • Complete check-in forms before visits
  • Patient self-scheduling
With DrNewMed's Patient Engagement Platform, physicians receive faster payments with online billing, decrease no-shows with patient-self scheduling, empower patients to self-serve, and reinforce long-term patient relationships